We are a Frankfurt and Berlin based creative studio working in digital realms.
We know how to use the latest and greatest of technology. But we won’t do so for the sake of the new in itself.

We use technology to develop new narratives, new ways of storytelling in a world of mixed realities and for audiences that are always on. We inject ideas worth spreading through interactive experiences.

Through our experience in our diverse backgrounds we know how to design a stage and how to build a show, how to design exhibits, interactive spaces and experiences and how to to do all of this in a meaningful manner.

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We act like glue for art and technology. We develop and share the artistic vision, and we know how to talk to all technical departments to make the vision become a reality. From concept to storyboard to a working prototype. Kinetics, broadcast, microcontrollers, AR and VR, tracking, radio, laser … you name it. We know how to plan with these technologies and deliver an experience that is both thrilling and safe for the highest reliability requirements.

If you invite us, we’ll develop a concept with you. If you let us play, we bring in all our expertise and passion for new adventures.

We like to test what we do in reality, in fully functional model setups, that help us to learn how realities mix and how to create a playful, unimpressed use of it all. To create something that employs new technologies, but that is not stuck in awe. We love human expression.

We write our own software.

You talk to clients. We do the magic.

NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH
Mainzer Landstrasse 351 – 17. OG
60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

+49 - 69 - 999 99 36 10

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NSYNK core team with a little help from our friends