Supporting NODE17 Forum for Digital Arts

Frankfurt's festival for art, design and code

In 2017 NSYNK supported NODE Forum for Digital Arts financially, technically and personally.

For the symposium's stage design that was planned and produced by David Brüll we provided technical equipment, crew and showcueing / event flow with our own framework.

Part of the symposium was an installation which allowed the audience to send their hopes, ideas and comments through a website to printers on stage. Those prints were later used to bring the participants together and open up new conversations and discussions about the topcis of the symposium.

NODE Forum is a get-together of programmers, artists, designers and thinkers. A place where magic happens.

It is an event organised by NODE Verein zur Förderung Digitaler Kultur e.V.

The Frankfurt based NODE Forum for Digital Arts is a biannial festival where coders, artists, creatives and thinkers meet and share their knowledge.

The weeklong NODE comprises workshops, exhibitions, artist and geek talks, concerts, performances and a full day symposium. There are workshops for learning the programming language vvvv, prototyping, cutting and folding paper or building robots from trash. Concerts may range from cello music with an eletronic twist to progressive club music accompanied by psychedelic visuals. The exhibitions hosts known names from contemporary media art as well as local student works that critically reflect our use of technology.

As individuals and as a company we have been part of NODE since its birth in 2008. Being an artist himself, Eno has curated the festival's exhibitions in 2010 and 2013. Before joining NSYNK, Valérie was an integral part of the NODE organisation team, was involved in the festival's graphic design and has hosted several vvvv workshops.

NODE Verein zur Förderung Digitaler Kultur e.V.
Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Johanna Wallenborn
Woeishi Lean, Valérie Vogt
Sebastian Oschatz, Aline Franzke
David Brüll
David Brüll, Woeishi Lean
Alexander Henker, Dennis Boleslawski
NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH
Sabine Reitmaier, Sebastian Kujas, Daniel Wilmer, Jessica Schäfer, Nemanja Knežević