Robotic camera

for Viessmann's presentation at ISH19

Climate change, energy revolution and digitalization are presenting new challenges for the industry. To illustrate the changes that the industry faces and Viessmann's respective solutions, we developed an intelligible and entertaining AR show for the audience on the ISH 2019.

We told the story of heating technician Klaus and his customers by following him on a day through his viallage in a physical 1:100 scale model.
In such a small scale model it was not feasible to navigate with a handheld camera, so we needed a precise, fast and delicate mechanism to move the physical camera within the space. That's why we employed our robotic camera man - the UR10.

The mechanical precision of the robot let us fit the augmented content tightly to the camera image, and allowed for precise recreation of each camera angle each time.

For controlling the robot we built a custom interface in vvvv, which made handling and calibrating a breeze.

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