Hands-On with AR

Interactive exhibit for Mercedes Benz at the IAA '17

Together with Atelier Markgraph we created an AR exhibit on connected and electric mobility

When we plan and develop stage performances with Augmented Reality, we often build models to understand and verify the possibilities of this new medium.

In this hands-on way of working we discovered that augmented reality becomes most convincing, becomes a real experience if you can interact with it directly. So we thought this would make a great experience as an exhibit with a physical interaction.

Three stations, three chapters, three modes of interaction.

The exhibit had three hotspots for the topcis 'Autonomous Driving', 'Shared & Connected' and 'Electric Drive'. The spectator could choose a scene by moving a screen with two attached cameras along the side of the table.

On two of the topics a turntable with a car model served as an interface to navigate through the conent - and to determine the viewing angle on each scene.

In AugmentedReality the invisible properties that are a substantial part of the car of the future became an alomst tangible experience: sensor fields, inter-car communication or the sophisticated batteries and new electric powertrains inside the car.

Melting of realities

By giving the user a tangible interface, that he could use to change the camera angle, the combination of virtual and actual scenes became much more readable and thus enjoyable.

By letting them control the speed of the narrative, understanding and engagement were increased in comparison to a regular video narrative. The spectator could stop at any point in the story, think about what was explained and view the story again from a different perspective.


Client: Daimler AG
Lead Agency, Contractor: Atelier Markgraph
Team: Dennis Boleslawski, David Brüll, Alex Henker, Eno Henze, Christian Tielmann, Nils Weger.
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