Explaining the Invisible

Viessmann ISH Tradeshow 2017

Technology for a new century

Together with Lead Agency Atelier Markgraph we created an augmented presentation highlighting the digitalization process at Viessmann.

Wifi signals, intelligent systems, automation and the internet of things - those are topics that are not easily explained because they are invisible. The smart objects that Viessmann's presenters talked about at the ISH 17 were radiators, switches and regulators - things that do not disclose their inner intelligence by merely looking at them.

We gave the presenters a new set of tools to transmit their knowledge to the audience. With augmented reality it was possible to show the inter-connectedness of objects and apps. Like a puppeteer in virtual space the presenter would make hidden features visible and let the audience grasp the meaning of smart home appliances.

The presenter used a set of tracked objects on the table in front of him, to show how connected products change the way we use heating and cooling systems.

The view zoomed from a single house on stage to a larger scenario, which explained the changes in service and distribution of connected facilities.


The objects on the presenters desk were tracked with a marker based system that included 8 infrared cameras mounted to the ceiling. Four cameras looked at the scene from different distances and covered angles from totale to close-up.
The AR content and camera tracking data were integrated in our custom software built with VVVV. Two operators accompanied every presentation and worked in sync with the presenter to generate a perfect show each time.

Watch this short documentation with sound:


Client: Viessmann
Lead Agency, contractor: Atelier Markgraph
Team: David Brüll, Alex Henker, Eno Henze, Woeishi Lean, Valérie Vogt
2D and 3D Assets, Video: Acht Frankfurt
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