Augmenting Volkswagen's I.D. VIZZION

AR shows in Geneva and Beijing

How do you communicate a vision of the future?

Volkswagen's concept car 'I.D. Vizzion' is the answer to what our cars may look like in 20 years. We made a possible future tangible to an audience of the present.

For a series of press conferences that premiered Volkswagen's concept car I.D. Vizzion, we created an augmented-reality narrative to illustrate what is still merely a vision of the future.

Holographic interfaces, natural voice recognition and no steering wheel - that is Volkswagen's idea of the car of tomorrow. The car of the future is unlike anything we know. Therefore we brought an equally innovative set of technologies to the scene - to visualize a bold vision.
Our AR technology made it possible to show features of the car that are not easily explained: The holographic interaction concept, automated driving and safety features, design highlights and voice recognition. Unlike in a movie, the real car on stage had the lead role in our AR-play, turning the press conference into a theater. With the combined computing power of multiple software programs and two fully tracked camera systems, we were able to deliver an unprecedented rendering quality and precision.


Thanks to our long and successful partnership with Volkswagen, we were trusted to experiment with a new camera setup that has never been used in such a context.

The show was filmed by two cameras: A 6-axis camera crane with a radius of 8 metres that was mechanically tracked, and an additional Arri Trinity handheld camera equipped with an optical tracking system supplied by our partners from Trackmen. As has been a save bet for a long time, we trusted Egripment with the setup and calibration of the camera crane.

Test setup with optically tracked Trinity camera. The virtual camera sees the image on the screen (bottom right).

This sophisticated, fully tracked camera setup allowed for an enourmous range of views and angles that spanned detailed close-ups to long shots and hence gave us an endless count of possibilities for bringing our story across.

Knowing where our cameras and the car was situated in space, we could then add virtual content to the video image and create an environment that seemlessly integrated with the real world.

I.D. Vizzion exhibit @ Auto China 2018

As a spin-off from the press shows for the new I.D. Vizzion we created an exhibit for a larger audience at Beijing Auto Show in April 2018.

We adapted the storyline around aerodynamics, design, electric and autonomous drive to work with three static cameras and a programmable moving head camera.

The challenge was to retain the dynamic camera movement even without a camera crane or steady cam operator. Our solution were fast transitions from AR space into VR space, that also connected the fixed camera positions into one seamless camera edit.


Client: Volkswagen AG
Partner, contractor: ACHT FRANKFURT
Team: Sebastiano Barbieri, Dennis Boleslawski, David Brüll, Clemens Gürtler, Miriam Guter, Alex Henker, Eno Henze, Matthias Husinsky, Christian Tielmann, Valérie Vogt
AR camera crane: Egripment
Arri Trinity camera tracking: TrackMen Ltd
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