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virtual productions,
mixed-reality experiences
and mobile applications

We provide digital solutions that create great visual and communicative impact. Through thoughtful implementation and creative execution we can enable clear messaging, improved production efficiency and increased audience reach. Most importantly, our digital solutions can contribute to reducing environmental load.


We have entered a new production era that combines real-time rendering with photo-realism and mixed realities on a grand scale. Leverage this virtual production technology for fascinating media events, such as product premieres, presentations and TVCs .

In practical terms, imagine the ease of shooting at various photo-realistic, AR-enhanced locations in one set. We can create custom-design backdrops and environments – ranging from super-naturalistic to surreal – to precisely fit your brand and campaign messages.

We are co-founders of the HYPERBOWL studio, your go-to solution for all virtual production film and broadcast needs. It is Europe’s first and largest virtual studio; fully-equipped with multiple cameras, tracking tech and augmented reality.

HYPERBOWL VW ID 4 World Premiere
Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo World Premiere
NXP Live and Connects


Virtual presentations are an increasingly important tool for corporate communication. And we can make them easy to do. Use the virtual space as a canvas to create more memorable and engaging messaging for a wide variety of brand events and product presentations.

Our greatest assets are flexibility and scalability. Production can go ahead with or without an audience, we can broadcast live or pre-recorded. Furthermore, by using small-scale mobile solutions, we can even transform the most mundane brand spaces into infinite, virtual show stages.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo World Premiere
Daimler - Shaping the Now & Next
NXP Live and Connects

Photo by Kristof Lemp


Augmented reality for live shows will be a key point of distinction for your audience. The smart implementation of augmented layers enables you to maintain the full analogue beauty of your product, while at the same time digitally revealing invisible features and otherwise concealed technologies.

Now products and services truly take centre-stage. Allow audiences to take a look inside your tech. Let presenters scale up solutions larger than life, or shrink them down to bite-size. Add AR props to put your offerings in context for better understanding. With high-fidelity, super precise AR assets you can tell the full story.

Mercedes IAA 2015 VW ID Vizzion Geneva 2017
Porsche Taycan IAA 2019 Oppo Innoday AR Glass Reveal
Viessmann ISH AR Show

Car Tracking
Object Detection
Optical Tracking
Encoded Telescopic Camera Cranes
Tracked Steady Cameras

Unreal Engine


Tapping into our in-house development capabilities, we cracked the code to offering high-quality augmented reality content on mobile hardware, such as the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro with LiDAR Sensor. Furthermore, we know how to publish your application on all major app stores.

By bringing top-notch content in a handy format to wherever the people are, we can drastically reduce costs for IT infrastructure, logistics and temporary architecture. Or, simply put: Communicate more, build less.

And from a practical point of view, fewer interconnected systems also means less things that can go wrong. We are particularly proud of this service, as it also reduces environmental load.

Porsche Taycan AR Event App Covestro AR Show
e-Learning App for CAT Messengers of AI - HoloLens Exhibit

Smartphones and Tablets
LiDar Sensor
HoloLens 1 & 2
VR Glasses

iOS / Apple's ARKit
Android / Google's ARCore
VisionLib Framework
React Native


Yes, it's happening: Face-to-face and in person. With live locations and events re-emerging, communicative spaces like trade shows, museums, showrooms and exhibitions are again becoming an essential playground for communicators and their audiences. 

Since physical encounters are so invaluable to us, they demand captivating experiences. We can deploy our full range of mixed reality know-how as well as spatial and product design capabilities to catch visitors' attention to create added value, memorable moments that will make their stay worthwhile.

Mercedes IAA 2017 Exhibit Viessmann ISH 2015
Messengers of AI - HoloLens Exhibit
Expo Astana German Pavilion 2017

Amazing 3D presentations. From anywhere in the world.

HYPERSLIDES is a Mixed Reality solution that transforms flat presentations into spatial and immersive experiences, connecting people and conveying ideas like never before.

Share the same space with your audiences – in person or remote – and have real human encounters, while exploring your products and services.

We thank Distr@l of the Hessian Ministery for Digital Strategy and Innovation for sponsoring this research project.