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Spatial & Virtual Communication




STORYBOARD, SCRIPT, Concept & Dramaturgy

We develop your vision from idea, to storyboard all the way to a coherent concept. We like to tell stories and convey them by digital means.
If you let us play, we bring in all our expertise and passion for new adventures.


Through our experience in diverse backgrounds we know how to design a stage and how to build a show, how to design exhibits, interactive spaces and experiences and how to to do it all in a meaningful manner. The focus of our work is always the message. The medium is as versatile as us.

Prototyping & technical research

Prototyping is at the heart of our work. We always test what we do in fully functional model setups, that help us understand how realities mix and how the final product will look and feel like. We love taking projects to the edge of what is technically possible, to build our own software and employ cutting-edge technologies. But we don't do so as an end in itself.

Photo by Kristof Lemp

Production & Communication

We know how to talk to all technical departments to make the vision become a reality. We deliver an experience that is both thrilling and safe for the highest reliability requirements.

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Our team is located in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany

Co-Founder of the HYPERBOWL Studio

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