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NSYNK is a digital design studio made up of an inquisitive, international group of individuals with a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. We are architects and artists, developers and designers, musicians, writers and scenographers.

We share a common curiosity as well as the desire to create fascinating experiences that push the boundaries of what is visually probable and technically possible. Our home-base is our rooftop studio in Frankfurt, a creative space that provides a great atmosphere of exchange, progress and a pretty spectacular view.

Actually, you might also know us as co-founders of Europe's leading virtual production studio, theHYPERBOWL Studio.


We create cutting-edge virtual productions, mixed-reality experiences for spatial & virtual communication, stages, broadcast and mobile applications.

From first storyboard to final staging, from pre-alpha to production release, we feel right at home at any given point in the process.

Thinking about
the future

Our expertise in real-time technologies allows for efficient workflows, improved design practices, safe execution and great flexibility for our clients.

Fusing fascination with information, we help individuals, brands and cultural institutions tell more engaging stories, deliver clearer messages and better connect to their audiences.

But maybe most importantly, we care. About delivering great results. About the wonderful people we work with. And – on a larger scale – about the future we're creating.

From idea {

to reality – and everything in between


The conceptual baseline of all our work is understanding the main messages you want to convey. From there, we start developing a storyline and visual language that will help us chart the course of the entire project together.


Writing the script, putting everything in order, sketching and pre-visualising breathes life into the project. With this common understanding of direction, narrative and look & feel, we move forward with production.


We make sure the technical backbone is secure. Simulating and prototyping help us detect possible pain-points ahead of time. That allows us to make the necessary adjustments for the benefit of mutual timelines, budgets and show safety.


We want to make sure that promises made are promises kept. Our 3D thinking and realtime rendering capabilities provide a seamless continuation of the concept look & feel all the way to the final stage and media design of your mixed reality production.


Show time. On-site we can handle all creative and technical aspects of direction, photography and production. This means we will also coordinate 3rd party teams to create a smooth working environment and communication flow, contributing to the delivery a great product.

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