Vantage is the first unified framework for realtime virtual production and broadcast AR.

Drive the largest mixed reality studios with photorealistic virtual sets - for both film and multi camera live productions.

Key features

  • Based on Unreal Engine 4.25
  • Supports both AR graphics and mixed reality productions
  • Create real time photo-realistic scenes and environments
  • Internal HDR 32 bit linear color processing, HDR Output
  • Supports all common camera tracking systems
  • Capture tracking data and video for postproduction
  • Realtime adjustments to lighting and scene
  • Synchronized rendering to arbitrary amount of output nodes
  • Collaborative workflows to live-edit the scene with multiple users
  • Robust and industry-proven cueing and timeline system
  • Completely genlocked processing pipeline across all components
  • Support for multi-camera productions
  • Down to 0ms delay for AR Graphics
  • LTC timecode support

Combine virtual sets and Augmented Reality to create true Mixed Reality experiences.

Unleash the potential of the latest game engine features for broadcast AR.

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