Pushing boundaries

Turning the United Nations sustainable development goals into reality.

Major shifts are taking place in our world today. In 2015 193 UN countries committed to a set of goals aiming to end all forms of poverty, fighting inequality and tackling climate change. These goals are known as the 'UN Sustainable Development Goals'.

Today's global challenges are having a major impact on all industries, particularly the plastics industry. As a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials Covestro can make a significant contribution to overcoming some of the world’s biggest challenges.

On the K 2019 Covestro presented their solutions for a brighter future and we made them into an entertaining and comprehensible show.

SDG2: Zero hunger

One of the most important aims of our time is ending global hunger. Enter the Solar Dryer: it employs very high temperatures and dries products like bananas, tomatoes, chilis or herbs quicker, more reliable and more hygienic than regular methods. This extends their shelf-life enormously and prevents spoilage.

Covestro delivers the raw materials for the PCS bar-plates that give the solar dryer its superb insulating features. The system is easy to transport and can be assembled locally.

Thus the risk of food spoilage is reduced and 50% less have to be thrown away.

SDG13: Climate action

Being one of the major consumers of energy, the chemical industry has both a huge responsibility and great potential for reducing emissions and preventing global warming.

Chlorine as a raw material is universally needed in many industries, but its production is very energy-intensive. Covestro developed a new manufacturing process that reduces the overall power consumption by 30%.

If it became the standard of chlorine production in Germany, it could reduce its CO2 emissions by 1%.

Decent work and economic growth

With the Start-up Challenge Covestro provides room for creative minds to expand, for individuals to grow and innovative ideas to thrive.

Employees get the chance to pitch their own product idea and receive substantial funding to develop their vision. With a starting capital of 1 million Euros, infrastructure and the company's network, ambitious start-ups are supported all the way to market readiness.

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