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A Mixed-reality presentation for Viessmann at the ISH19

A novel presentation for novel ideas

Heating systems manufacturer Viessmann is entering a new era. Climate change, energy revolution and digitalization are presenting new challenges for the industry. To illustrate the changes that the industry faces and Viessmann's respective solutions, we developed an intelligible and entertaining AR show for the audience on the ISH 2019.

Following our virtual protagonist Klaus through his neighbourhood, we explained Viessmann's newest product innovations and digital solutions.

A day in a model town

As a backdrop for Klaus' story, we modeled a physical prototype village in a 100:1 scale.
We then placed Klaus and his clients into this model in AR and brought them to life digitally.

Tangible information

Seamless transitions from AR to fully virtual scenes let us dive into detailed technical topics and explain Viessmann's innovations in an entertaining way.

Robotic camera man

For vivid storytelling we needed the camera to be an integral part of the scene, to follow Klaus into his customer's homes, and look above his shoulder. The only way to accomplish this task in such a small scale model was to employ a robot as camera man, which was as precise as it was fast. The mechanical precision of the robot let us fit the augmented content tightly to the camera image, and allowed for precise recreation of each camera angle each time.

To control the robot, we built a custom software in vvvv, which made handling and calibrating a breeze.

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