Soul, electrified.

What makes a Porsche?

In the era of electric mobility, Porsche unifies its strong heritage with novel technologies and presents its very first all-electric sports car - the Taycan.

On the inside, the Taycan asserts its superiority through a range of innovative technology and design features. On the outside, Porsche maintains its traditions and qualities the brand is known for - the iconic design and highest-quality driving experience - all while maintaining its suitability for daily use.

The inherent complexity of Porsche’s achievement and attention to detail are exhibited in a seven-minute live presentation. In an AR environment, the Taycan becomes the protagonist of a narrative embracing aerodynamics, power transmission, sportiness and charging.

From AR to VR and back

During the presentation, the Taycan unfolds in AR as well as virtual environments. This approach allows expanding on the physical constraints of the camera crane in use. By revealing the internals of the car through augmentation, the audience understands more abstract features such as the 800V system with all its benefits.

In a race with a virtual competitor, the high acceleration, and unprecedented acceleration accuracy of the Taycan becomes apparent. Moreover, in virtual environments, the Taycan is shown from the inside or even from underneath, to showcase road handling features of the car. This freedom of perspectives creates graspable experiences for the audience and allows for new insights.

Real-time rendering on a cinematic level

The entire show features a high and plausible degree of photorealism, which truly raises the bar for live presentations. Through minute optimisations of 3D assets and matched lighting conditions of the virtual with the real world, it becomes easy to immerse the audience into the narrative.


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