AR Glass reveal

On the frontier of interactive media

OPPO invited a selected few of media journalists to reveal their latest R&D project - the "AR Glass" - which provides rich interactive features and augments real-time content onto the real world. NSYNK was hired to bring OPPO's vision of futuristic interaction models on the stage to showcase the working principles of the AR Glass to their audience.

Exploring the universe

One of the use-cases and main areas of interest of the "AR Glass" are educational scenarios. NSYNK developed a scene of our solar system which can be traversed interactively while respecting OPPO's key gestures. 

Find your way

Navigating through the city is a mundane task. With the "AR Glass" OPPO introduces a virtual assistant which helps you find your way in unknown environments. The navigation feature involves an accurate 3D representation of your surroundings, which makes navigation more comfortable and more enjoyable.

NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH