The Metaverse on Wheels

Connecting Product, Digital Experience, Live Event, Game Design and Film

One set of assets, one narrative – four different formats:

Digital Experience at CES
Premiere Show
Live-on-Tape Product Launch
Campaign film

Live Experience at CES Las VEGAS

Produced by Journee, in collaboration with Usaneers and THE GAME.
We turned DEE into a fully functional driving simulator connected to the real vehicle electronics - that could become the emerging point of the different realities around the car. More than 16,000 visitors to the CES, were able to interact with the car and experience the drive. By using the Mixed Reality Slider, they we able to determine whether they want to drive through the real Las Vegas or through an abstract interpretation of the city in the Metaverse .

Live-on-Tape Product Launch

Produced by Hochkant Film. Shot at HYPERBOWL.
The Live-on-Tape product launch focused on the car’s extensive Mixed-Reality features. In order to show the projections reflecting the correct visual perspectives, we brought Virtual Production technology to the car. In other words, DEE practically became a Virtual Production studio on wheels! This allowed us to drive through Las Vegas “live”, trigger the AR levels and at the same time still control the entire studio while recording the production.
To watch the full video:
Digital World Premiere: BMW i Vision Dee

Campaign Film

Produced by Elastique. Shot at HYPERBOWL.
For the future vision presented in this film, we transformed the Las Vegas asset into a captivating nighttime ambiance, infused with our own visual effects.


The Game
Journee, Elastique, Usaneers, Hochkant Film