A Family For Positive Change


Visitors become part of the "Family for Positive Change"

for Markgraph and their client Viessmann we created a visitor engagement story that took over the whole booth at ISH 2023.

Real-time Image Processing Pipeline

At 6 photo stations around the booth professional photographers took pictures of the visitors.
The participants could then see their photos and choose their settings and intensity of a photo filter. With their consent, the processed photos swiftly transmitted to multiple endpoints, including the six "satellite screens,"(the small LEDs, that were all around the booth,) the 6x4m "Floor LED" centrally positioned beneath the main LED, and the imposing 42m x 3m "Main LED" situated atop the booth structure.

the Setup

Each photo taken, was then processed to remove its background, fix the size and position (so that everyone's face is at the same place in the image and everyone is roughly the same size) and then the stylizing filter was applied for the in and out animation.
we also developed a pipeline for the photo/postcard printer, where the participants could take a manual or a digital postcard home as a personal give-away.

Our setup was made of 6 Cameras, 6 iPads, 14 PCs, 1 Photo Printer, 3x Satellite LEDs, 1x Floor LED, and 1x 42m wide Main LED.

Chris Gerster