Shared XR Presentations

Amazing 3D presentations. From anywhere in the world.

HYPERSLIDES is a Mixed Reality solution that transforms flat presentations into spatial and immersive experiences, connecting people and conveying ideas like never before.

Share the same space with your audiences – in person or remote – and have real human encounters, while exploring your products and services.

A format you know. Reinvented.

HYPERSLIDES works like a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation with editable slides. Only that you can arrange your content to make sense in space.
Show your products at the right scale, place headlines that really pop out and use additional Augmented Reality diagrams to highlight your talking points.

You create – we do the heavy lifting.

HYPERSLIDES provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to prepare and navigate through your presentation.
In the background, we will create your 3D files, build your presentation, host the session and provide the access link for your audience when you’re ready.

Easy access. For you and your audiences.

HYPERSLIDES is a cloud service that runs on all devices and all operating systems. That way, your audience can join sessions on their phone, laptop or wearable from anywhere in the world. They will appear as avatars in the room and experience your presentation as if they were right there. Enjoy real human interactions for a better understanding.

We thank Distr@l of the Hessian Ministry for Digital Strategy and Innovation for sponsoring this research project.